It was the most GORGEOUS sunny Saturday afternoon that my Mum hosted my Bridal Shower tea party in the quaint front yard of their villa. I am blessed with a Mother who is not only AMAZING in the kitchen, but absolutely fabulous at almost anything she puts her hand to. We spent the whole of Friday together in the kitchen baking cookies and slices, decorating cupcakes and cakes, and washing up the vintage tea set my Mum was given for her and Dads engagement 29 years ago. As we worked we played our favorite Christmas songs, which has become something of a quirky tradition whenever we spend time baking together in the kitchen. At 2pm on Saturday, 20 girls arrived each giving me a card and a contribution towards a sewing machine. I wore a dress I had sewn the week before along with the vintage bunting flags displayed. It really was a perfect Spring day and an afternoon I will always treasure. A huge thank you to all the girls who shared this afternoon with me, and a very special thanks to Mum xxx

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