Every year I do a workshop with another photographer or company who I think I would benefit learning from. This year I chose Perspectives Photography, and I will be the first to admit that their photography isn’t my usual ‘Style’. However, I finished the workshop having learned much more than I anticipated. Isaac and Amber built their hugely successful business from the ground up, and I was astonished to learn they are completely self-taught! Yes, no training or study – in fact they confirmed what I have always believed. Photography is a talent, a skill that you either have passion for, or you don’t. And though degrees and study will certainly help you in theory, true passion for the art takes practice, drive, and an incredible stick-to-it-iveness (did I just make up a word? I think so). To be successful in this business undoubtedly means you will have first failed – many times. But ultimately the passion for incredible beautiful art keeps you pressing on. Isaac and Amber were not ashamed to point out their very humble beginnings (even displaying their first wedding photographs), but their honesty in this was an encouragement to every photographer. Without the humble beginnings, there would certainly not be the enjoyment of success. Isaac and Amber, thank you for all your hard work and advice on the day, your honesty, openness, fun loving attitude and for teaching me how to ‘See the Light’! 

A fellow photographer who also attended the workshop and I met up a few weeks later to practice our newly acquired skills. Thank you Annelise for a fun night of shooting. And thank you to my beautiful sisters-in-law and friends for being our models!