There is just something so incredibly fascinating about multiples… especially identical! From the moment I knew of these precious little triplet girls I was hooked! And when Rachel asked me to photograph them upon their arrival I was absolutely ecstatic! So I did a little bit of research. Not only into how to successfully photograph them, but also how they came to be in the first place! Truly a dramatic display of Gods amazing creation! This selection of photographs was the result of two photo sessions at the Wilmshurst family home. It was a privilege to see this family in action as they settled in to life with two young boys and three brand new little girls. Rachel and Nigel, thank you once again for asking me to capture this amazing time in your lives… I know this newborn stage will all seem like a blur soon, so I’m truly thankful I got to preserve these memories for you xx Enjoy!! A very special thank you to my incredible assistant for this photo shoot Kristina Pedersen – I couldn’t have done it without you!!! x