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Blake lives in Utah, Rachel is from West Auckland. ‘She messaged me first…’ Blake says with a grin on his face….  ‘I thought you messaged me first!’ Rachel replies… As fate would have it, the rest is history. After many online dates, a few visits between America and NZ, these two gorgeous people will be […]Continue Reading


Reghan Da Silva and two of her sisters are serving in the NZ Airforce. She contacted me a few months back explaining that for the first time in a few years, she and her sisters were all going to be based in the same part of the country. Reghan ran through the idea of having […]Continue Reading


Happy New Year!! Bring on 2014. I am so excited for all this year has in store for us as a family. Sam has a brand new job to start on the 20th, and I have loads planned for my business! The Morgans. I love these guys! And guess what…. Our youngest children (both boys) […]Continue Reading