Denzel is 3!! My baby… three years old already. Make it stop! I have a quote on the blackboard in my kitchen at the moment…. ‘The days may be long, but the years are short….’ Its so true. Sometimes I forget to slow down and just enjoy these short years with my children while they are little.

A few weeks back we celebrated Denzy’s birthday with this Wild West party. It may surprise you that this particular party was one of the easiest I have put together so far. It happened at a time when I was super busy editing my way through a long list of sessions, so I didn’t have a lot of time to invest in the preparation. We already had almost everything we needed to put this party together…. My brother is a keen hunter, so all the horns and skulls were trophies from wild NZ animals. The gold pans which held the golden nuggets and chippies were mine and my brothers from a family trip around the South Island when we were young. The Saloon sign was made from wood scored in the inorganic rubbish collection and painted by my clever hubby Sam. All the logs around the table were from a tree that happened to be cut down outside our house the week before the party. The lamp hanging in the Saloon was one I bought 3 years ago from an op-shop intending to recover for Atlanta’s bedroom. I sewed a new cover for Atlanta’s teepee (pink in its original state), and used fabric from Look Sharp for all the table cloths. The only purchases I made were the Indian headdress, a few things for the party favour bags, some small party-ware pieces, and of course the cacti. As always, Mum and I made all the food (the donuts were especially fun!) and along with everything on the table, Sam’s Italian Uncle came to make pizzas in the wood fire pizza oven. We had fun with this party, a huge thanks again to everyone who attended, and helped us put it together. Denzy hasn’t stopped talking about it since! Happy birthday little guy, we love you so much xx