No joke, this shoot has been about 3 years in the pipeline! One of those… ‘We must book a session with you…’ scenarios that just didn’t quite happen…. until a few weeks ago. And OH MY GOODNESS, so worth the wait! This has to be one of my all-time favourite extended family sessions to date. That light! And take note if you are planning a family session, have a look at the outfit choices here. The overall toning flows perfectly together without all wearing the same colour or two colours. Time of day when booking a session is so vital for getting those really stand-out shots. We started this session at 5.30pm (before daylight savings started) the sun set at around 6.30pm and we shot right up until 7pm. Meikle family, congratulations on putting together such an awesome shoot. This is just a tiny selection of images from your collection…. enjoy!!