Earlier in Spring, I found a gorgeous location in Auckland with a grove of beautiful blossom trees. I knew I just had to have photographs done of my own family there, I’d always wanted a session in the blossoms! Once I showed the images on facebook, a few others also jumped at the opportunity to make use of the pretty setting. The first being this family… Meet the Breetvelt family! With two beautiful little girls, the blossoms were a perfect fit for their family. Here’s just a few images from their collection… I hope you love them as much as I do! x Untitled-1Untitled-2Untitled-3Untitled-4Untitled-5Untitled-6Untitled-7Untitled-8Untitled-9Untitled-10Untitled-11Untitled-12Untitled-13Untitled-14Untitled-16