I can still remember, at 12 years of age, the moment I received my first camera as a Christmas gift from my parents. I spent many a day documenting the lives of my family and friends through the lense of that little ‘point and shoot’, saving pocket money for buying film and getting them developed. I spent hours collating the images into scrapbooks and albums, filing the negatives away each labeled with their dates and locations. It was from this childhood experience that I discovered my passion for photography, and my ‘Journey through the lense’ had begun.

Many years later in 2009, I welcomed my own little miracle into the world. I could never have known what an impact this little girl would have on my life. I watched her grow and change so quickly, yet it was hardly noticeable from day to day. Although photos have always been important to me, it took one year with my baby girl to realise the true value of recording these irreplaceable moments through photography.


From the miracle of a pregnant belly, to the joy of a newborn with their tiny flakey hands and feet, feathery hair and delicate eyelashes. The free spirit of a child, or the closeness of a young family. Its from the wise old great grandparents with wisdom and experienced etched into every wrinkle of their skin, I have come to know this simple truth. The closest we can come to keeping these moments forever, is a photo.

Each of us are creating a history, let me help you preserve yours.